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struggle by grayson-storm26
Final assignment for drawing class: self-portrait with themes of tatoos/camouflage. based it a lot off my last self-portrait (…), but it was interesting trying to expand on those ideas and bring my previous piece into traditional media.

process and palettes for this piece:…
looking out by grayson-storm26
looking out
This one was going to be for an assignment, but it didn't pan out, and I just finished it for fun.

tumblr link:…
Deronti asked a couple questions! and since i dont post much here, i figured i might as well :P

-i am graduating high school in a couple days!
-next year ill be studying in a creative arts program and i am very excited for that
-i took figure skating lessons from 4th to 6th grade
-i really like watching lets plays (especially roosterteeth's minecraft ones, the achievement hunters are the best)
-i really like video games i just wish i was better at them
-like about two weeks ago i played the last of us for the first time i was not very good but its a super fun game
-the only legend of zelda game i ever beat is a link between worlds
-the website that got me really into drawing was and i owe all my friends from back then my future career choices
-i am also a huge fan of comics
-ive read the wikipedia page on robin (from batman) at least three times and i can tell you a buttload about all of them


1: whats ur life story...? in the shortest amount of words possible? :3
i am a short teenager that likes music lives in canada and likes to draw!

2: what would be the one thing that would make you, you anymore if it was taken away?
i guess art! i spend so much time drawing and playing music itd be insane if i couldnt do that anymore

3: assuming u have a playlist, what are ur first 5 songs on ur playlist?
right now; Sing by Ed Sheeran, Sweet Life by Frank Ocean, Roll Away Your Stone by Momford & Sons, All You Need Is Love by The Beatles and I've Just Seen A Face (from the Across The Universe Sountrack)

4: when hit on, do u flirt back and show interest, or play hard to get?
i dont think ive ever gotten hit on! not that i know of, at least... if anything id probably act oblivious or try and be funny

5: if u were to see me in real life whats the first thing u would do?
make sure its you! itd be really awkward to run up and hug a stranger, but that's probably step 2

6: are u more of a singer or dancer? (even if both are horrible XD)

7: whats one thing you WILL NOT eat... EVER
a milkshake made out of mcdonalds foods

8: do u like big parties with lots of people or a sentimental thing with a few close friends?
a nice little hangout with friends

9: are u more attracted to the dark or light?
light, i think. i like sunrises and sunsets, but the night sky is just as impressive

10: what is ur escape from life? (please not drugs QwQ)
music i guess? and funny video game lets plays, they always cheer me up :)

MY QUESTIONS (for whoever's willing, i know you crazy kids have been tagging each other like hell out there)

-what was the name of your first crush, if youve had one?
-what do you eat in your sandwhich?
-favourite kind of juice?
-what your biggest, craziest dream?
-an album you could listen to over and over again?
-a piece of clothing you wish you could pull off?
-is your zombie apocalypse plan more "every man for himself" or "we do this, we do this together"?
-tv you are the most addicted to at the moment?
-a place you wish you could visit?
-the name you wish you'd been given?


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